Our Vision

By 2025, FIRAT Student Research Group becomes Pan-african largest research group for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Our Mission

With digital technology and effective group management, we support students research and innovations, and generate critical mass for transforming Africa.

Primary Objective

To encourage and support innovative research work and its translation in the society.

About Us

FIRAT Students Research Group is set to create the platform for all students, undergraduates and postgraduates, to be supported in all ways possible that engendered their researches for local community benefits and national development. it will help stimulate research environment and culture in their institutions.

What We Do?


We assist in the translation of research project into the development stage and to support members in the positive acquisition of valuable skills, knowledge ideas, expertise and competencies necessary for self-reliance.


We unify all resources across the regions under one body as a global community for maximum productivity.


We monitor potential research project that would enhance academic and economic value across the nation and beyond.


To partner with local and international organization for research funding in order to build a flourishing research culture.